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Be Clear. Be Clean.

“Be Clear” and “Be Clean” are paramount as our core mission, values, and statement.

We provide the “clear” solution for purifying the environmental risk and maintain the quality of “clean” environment.

Learn from the past and think about future together by moving forward to the next phase of titanium oxide catalyst solution

Be a part of Nature and Live Together

Co-exisiting with nature has been a conventionally way in human lives since ancient times.

In Japan, people have succeeded in producing anti-bacterial and anti-viral action effects by wasabi, bamboo, and green tee, and also have utilized fermentation technology to develop soy-source, miso, natto, and rice wine. when bestowing those grace of nature and its benefit above, we come to the realization that people are a part of mother nature as well.

Put a side of “hatred of bacteria or virus”, people must explore the way of co-existing with nature. In order to archive that goal, health would be our high priority.

In other words, continuous development for healthy mind and body, people must design the gentle spaces which offer lower risk with bacteria and virus.

It is a critically important to consider to stay balance between those two contrary aims

We Want to Offer “Gentleness”

We are pound to introduce our nanozone SOLUTION, which is the utmost and
outstanding photo-catalytic product for antibacterial and deodousing solutions.

The super powerful photo-catalytic effects to minimize the risk of bacteria and virus is a tool application but not our goal.

We spend a majority of time at home or office.
It should be where offers the gentle and friendly environment and it will be the starting point for body and mind to be more attentive and living calmly.

What we want to deliver is Gentleness”.

From a place to spend a most of time to a place where to feel gentleness.
We can start together to get there.

NanoZone Japan / Our History


NanoZone s.r.o, The Cezch Republic, established Imported “Self-Bonding Titanium Dioxide Dispersion” from Japan and started Photo-catalysts coating business.

Researching on nanotechnology materials and widen the range of its applications in the Czech Republic. Became subject matter expert.
From 4 years experience, commercializing photo-catalysts coating solution using self-bonding Titanium Oxide Dispersion as a raw material

May 2019

Established NanoZone Japan, LLC (Limited Liability Company)
Partnership developed with NanoZone s.r.o for Japan marketing purpose. Manufactured and sold “nanozone SOLUTION”
Space coating service, nanozone COAT has been introduced in Japan region

As public environmental safety and friendly awareness increases, NanoZone Japan LLC promoted "Self-bonding Titanium Dioxide Dispersion" for merchandise an antibacterial and deodounsing solution.
Developed partnership with NanoZone s.r.o has more than 5 years experience in industry

Oct 2019

Commencing new product, “nanosolCC” for individual customers

Apr 2020

Demand for antibacterial and deodounsing coating business was increased rapidly due to COVID-19

Aug 2020

Registration change to NanoZone Japan CO.,Ltd from NanoZone Japan,LLC (Limited Liability Company).

Oct 2020

Established affiliate company, NanoZone Japan International CO,., Ltd for overseas expansion

Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalysts Technology and nanozone SOLUTION

Passed safety evaluations criteria in EU

Adopted at medical Institutions in the Czech Republic
In Eastern Europe and the Czech Republic, countermeasures against infections diseases by accepting refugees and migrants from neighboring conflicting countries have became a critical issue.

NanoZone, The Czech Republic, detect and target “nonoYO”

Passed safety evaluation criteria in EU

Introduced nanozone SOLUTION to Medical institutions and public facilities

Receive high evaluation

nanozone SOLUTION released in Japan where titanium oxide catalyst originally developed

nanozone SOLUTION: Background

International events such as the Olympics and Expo
Inbound demand conversion
Accepting of foreign workers
Importance to prepare the unknown risks with our health due to a various people
traveling across
Spread " nanozone SOLUTION" that solve the
problems of conventional titanium oxide photo-
catalyst and promote i ts powerful effects in Japan.
May 2019 Nanozone Japan Established
Japan as Insular
・Increased emigration and immigration due to the internationalized ports.
・Both factors, low and high risks

nanozone SOLUTION: Shade of Meaning


1]Liquid solution
2]Problems solution