Nanozone COAT
We obtained evidence that confirms the inactivation of the new coronavirus.
A new coronavirus cell is decomposed to the cell nucleus in 30 min, reducing the viral content to below the detection limit.

The nonozone SOLUTION*, which is the visible-light-responsive photocatalyst used in photocatalytic antibacterial coating, "nanozone COAT", has been proven to decompose even the cell nucleus (RNA) in an experiment on the effectiveness of photocatalysts against the new coronavirus.

The nanozone COAT is a photocatalytic coating agent with 2-nm titanium dioxide particles. It is manufactured by NanoZone Japan and has antiviral, antibacterial, antifouling, and deodorizing propoerties.

Its unique feature is that the size of the titanium dioxide particles is only 2 nm.
If the titanium dioxide particles are large, a separate binder (adhesive) will be required because the particles cannot be attached to another surface by themselves.

The 2-nm titanium dioxide particles used in nanozone COAT form a visible-light-responsive photocatalyst that binds to other molecules without any binder. Our nanozone COAT coating does not come undone (or peel off) when wiped over with alcohol or hypochlorous water. it is expected to remain effective for 2 years.  

Besides eliminating the new coronaviruses, the photocatalyst is effective against the influenza virus and norovirus (feline calicivirus). It has antibacterial properties. It can be used for deodorizing toilets and for the antifouling of exterior walls and water tanks.

The visible-light-responsive photocatalyst, nanozone COAT, is effective, even in the presence of faint fluorescent light or momentary light indoors.

The nanozone COAT can also be used in indoor facilities such as offices, hospitals, shops, public transportation, educational facilities, and homes—it can be used anywhere!

The installation is carried out by professional trained personnel.
NanoZone Japan can train overseas companies with training systems.

Besides, nanozone COAT can be used over a large area and does not require extensive work or closing of a store—it requires only a few hours.
You don't have to wait for it to dry, and it can be sprayed on any products or electrical appliances and precision equipment.
The major companies that have adopted nanozone COAT are listed below. 
1. Taxi interior (Ryobi Techno Mobility Company) 
Toy store, Isetan Shinjuku 6F kanoano
Coating Video
1. Kikkoman General Hospital 

2. Isetan Shinjuku 6F Toy Shop Select Shop “Kanoano”

3. Three-Michelin star Japanese restaurant “ Sasaki”