Nanozone was founded in 2014. its foundation was preceded by four years of active activity in the segment of nano technological materials and their applications, gaining experience and knowledge in this promising field.

In 2014, we established direct communication with a leading Japanese manufacturer of advanced photoactive titanium-based nano material. After many months of communication and negotiations about the entry of this prestigious company into the EU markets, we established direct bussiness cooperation and began preparations for the opening of a centre for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

At the end of 2014, NanoZone bacame an official member of the Osaka-based nanoYo GROUP after meeting all membership criteria and gaind the position of sole representative for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This cooperation was confirmed by the singing of a coopretion agreement and the obtaining of an international certificate for representing the nanoYo GROUP.

A delegation from Japan, headed by nanoYo President Mr. Takamatsu Masayuki, visited our country in Decenber 2014 and signed a commercial representation and certificate agreement. See. Photo.

We have thus become holders of many internationatinal certificates and protocols held by all members of the nanoYo GROUP. Our co-workers were trained and highest possible professional appications of TiZonicnano material.

in 2016, we entered into a contract with nanoYo that establishes NanoZone as the exclusive importer of nanoYo to EU and Russian coutries. This Agreement also applies to new, related products that we will import for subsequent distibution.


We are promoting the market thanks to the techonological edge. Our product and our services contain unique features that the customer will not find in a possible competition.

Thanks to our focus on progress and our work with the most advanced nano material, cradles technology-Japan, we want to become the most unique nano technology brand in Europe.

Our visions are perfectly in line with those of our entire group. We want to be a market leader, we want to be successful.

We want to be a firm part of a global group that provides unique solutions related to new elements of passive protection that have a real impact on the quality and hygiene of the enviroment.

Research and development
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NanoZone began to intensively develop coopration with many industry reserch authorities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, launched its own application reserch, realized the first applications of tizonicnano material.

More than 12 years of international experience in implementing professional applications and with their resurts have moved our company very significantly forward and that is why I am a market leader today.
In the form of assigniments of reserch tasks, in coopration with the Institutes of Witnesses, the diagnostics of the structure of the nano material TiZonic, its properties, effects were assessed.
Basedon the Reseach Report prepared for our company by Masaryk University, we hold all important and necessary protocols by which we are able to declare in a completely transparent and reliable way the basic characteristrics of our nano material, precise morphological composition, effects and thier effects.
In cooperation with the R

Nanotechnology applications
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Using special spraying technologies, we create ultra-fine protective coatings of photoactive Nano Material TiZonic on surface surfaces. We use two types of spraying technologies for applications. ESS technology(electrostatic spraying), where thanks to electrostatics we acheieve a so₋called 3D effect, which in practice means 100% coverage of surface sufaces, especially those where nano particles do not normally reach thanks to approaches without the use of this technology. For other surfaces we use special guns, which we import exclusively directly from Japan and thanks to specially developed and manufactured systems we can always create special layers that exhibit the desired properties.
Immediately after application, titanium nano crystals, due to their unique size(2-3nm), securely adhold to surfaces(thanks to adh

The application itself runs only with
minimal traffic restrictions and lasts in minutes.
No precautions are taken before application, nothing is
uncovered, it does not hide.

The application is completely transparent, there are no unwanted changes on the treated surfaces.