1. 基本的な会話スキルの構築


- 挨拶の基本表現
•Hi there!(ハイ・ゼア!)
•Good morning!(グッド・モーニング!)
•Good afternoon!(グッド・アフタヌーン!)
•Hey! How are you? (ヘイ!元気?)

- 自己紹介のフレーズと練習
•Nice to meet you! I'm [Your Name].
•Hi, I'm [Your Name]. What's your name?
•Hello, everyone! My name is [Your Name].
•Hey, I don't think we've met. I'm [Your Name].
•Allow me to introduce myself. I'm [Your Name].


- Yes/No質問と疑問詞の使用法
基本使用法 -これは原則です。
Are you a student? Yes, I am./No, I am not.
Do you play a guitar?  Yes, I do/No, I do not.
Did you read this book? Yes, I did/No, I did not.

Have you ever been to here? Yes, I have. /No, I have not.
Can you drive a car? Yes, I can. /No, I cannot.
•Are you from [Your Country]?([あなたの国]出身ですか?)
•Have you ever been to [City]?([都市]に行ったことがありますか?)
•Is today your day off?(今日は休みですか?)
•Did you enjoy the movie?(その映画は楽しかったですか?)
•Can you speak any other languages?(他の言語は話せますか?)

- 簡単な質問応答のロールプレイ
A: Have you tried sushi before?
B: Yes, I love sushi! How about you?
A: No, I haven't. What's your favorite type?

A: Is this your first time here?
B: No, I've been here a few times. How about you?
A: Yes, it's my first time. Any recommendations?

A: Can you play a musical instrument?
B: Yes, I play the guitar. What about you?
A: No, I've always wanted to learn. Any tips?

A: Did you watch the new series on Netflix?
B: No, not yet. Is it good?
A: Yes, I really enjoyed it. You should check it out!

A: Are you coming to the party on Saturday?
B: No, I have other plans. I hope you all have a great time!
A: Yes, I'll be there! Looking forward to it.

- 日常の活動や状況に関する表現
•I usually wake up at 7 AM.(普段は朝7時に起きます。)
•After work, I like to go for a walk to relax.(仕事の後、リラックスするために散歩に行くのが好きです。)
•On weekends, I enjoy spending time with my family.(週末は家族と過ごすのが楽しいです。)
•I often cook dinner at home.(よく家で夕食を作ります。)
•In the evenings, I usually watch TV or read a book.(夜はだいたいテレビを見たり、本を読んだりします。)

- シンプルな状況での対話練習
A: What do you usually do on weekends?
B: I often go hiking or visit friends. How about you?
A: I like to relax at home and maybe catch up on some movies.

A: How do you commute to work?
B: I usually take the bus. It's convenient. What about you?
A: I prefer to ride my bike. It's good exercise.

A: What's your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?
B: I enjoy listening to music or taking a long bath. How about you?
A: I usually go for a run to clear my mind.

A: Do you have any hobbies?
B: Yes, I love gardening. It's so calming. What about you?
A: I enjoy painting. It's a great way to express myself.

A: What's your typical morning routine?
B: I start with a cup of coffee and then check my emails. How about you?
A: I like to meditate for a few minutes and then have a healthy breakfast.

2. 基本的な文法と語彙の習得
- 基本的な動詞と名詞の使い方
•I love to read books in my free time.(自由な時間に本を読むのが好きです。)
•She enjoys cooking delicious meals for her family.(彼女は家族のために美味しい食事を作るのが楽しいです。)
•We often meet friends for coffee on weekends.(週末にはよく友達とコーヒーを飲みに会います。)
•He usually walks to work instead of taking the bus.(彼は通勤にはよくバスではなく歩いて行きます。)
•They play musical instruments, such as the guitar and piano.(彼らはギターやピアノなどの楽器を演奏します。)

- 形容詞の基本的な表現と練習
•The movie was very interesting.(その映画はとても面白かったです。)
•She has a beautiful garden in her backyard.(彼女は裏庭に美しい庭園を持っています。)
•I live in a small, cozy apartment.(私は小さくて居心地の良いアパートに住んでいます。)
•The weather today is so sunny and warm.(今日の天気はとても晴れて暖かいです。)
•The new restaurant serves delicious and exotic dishes.(新しいレストランは美味しくてエキゾチックな料理を提供しています。)

- 現在時制と過去時制の基本的なルール
•I eat lunch at 12:30 every day.(私は毎日12:30に昼食をとります。) - 現在時制
•Last weekend, we visited a museum.(先週末、私たちは博物館を訪れました。) - 過去時制
•She often travels for work.(彼女はよく仕事で旅行します。) - 現在時制
•They watched a movie last night.(彼らは昨夜映画を観ました。) - 過去時制
•We usually go to the gym on Mondays.(私たちは普段月曜日にジムに行きます。) - 現在時制

- 簡単な日常生活の出来事に関する会話

A: What do you usually do after work?
B: I often go to the gym or meet friends for dinner. How about you?
A: I usually relax at home and watch TV.

A: Did you have a good weekend?
B: Yes, I went hiking with my family. How about you?
A: I visited a new cafe in the city. It was great!

A: How often do you exercise?
B: I go for a run three times a week. What about you?
A: I play tennis on weekends. It's my favorite sport.

A: What did you eat for breakfast today?
B: I had cereal and fruit. How about you?
A: I grabbed a quick coffee and a bagel on my way to work.

A: Are you planning anything special for the holidays?
B: Yes, I'm visiting my parents. How about you?
A: I'm staying home and relaxing with some good books.

- 食べ物、家庭、仕事などの語彙の拡充
- 語彙を使った対話練習

A: What's your favorite cuisine?
B: I love Italian food, especially pasta and pizza.
A: Italian cuisine is delicious. Have you tried making pasta at home?

A: Do you have any siblings?
B: Yes, I have a younger brother. He just started high school.
A: That's nice. Family gatherings must be fun.

A: What do you do for a living?
B: I work in marketing. I handle social media and promotions.
A: That sounds interesting. How did you get into marketing?

A: Do you have any hobbies?
B: Yes, I enjoy photography. I love capturing moments.
A: Photography is a great way to express creativity.

A: Have you been on any memorable trips?
B: Last year, I went to Thailand. The beaches were breathtaking.
A: Thailand is on my travel bucket list. What was your favorite part?

- シンプルな文章の組み立て方
- 簡単な文章の読解と理解

•Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a teacher and I love helping students learn. In my free time, I enjoy reading books and exploring new places.

•This weekend, I plan to visit the local museum. I find art fascinating, and it's a great way to relax and unwind.

•I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat meat. My favorite dishes include vegetable stir-fry and lentil soup.

•Today at work, I had a meeting with my team to discuss upcoming projects. It was productive, and I feel confident about our plans.

•One of my hobbies is playing the guitar. I've been learning for a year, and it brings me a lot of joy. I practice for at least 30 minutes every day.



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