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nanozone COAT Effects

Antibacterial agent effects for staphylococcus aureus
Approximately 10,000 Staphylococcus aureus are attached to each and changes are measured.

Coated with nanozone COAT (bottom: uncoated)

Coated with other products (bottom: uncoated)

Coated with nanozone COAT                 (bottom: uncoated)

Coated with other products (bottom: uncoated)

① The number of bacteria in the non-woven fabric sprayed with the nanozone SOLUTION irradiated with light for 8 hours is dropped to 1/100 or less.
② Non-woven fabric stored in the dark also is dropped to 1/100 or less
This shows that a photo-catalytic reaction occurs in response to light for a short time until the non-woven fabric is moved to a dark place. From this result, it is proved that the nanozone SOLUTION instantly inactivates bacteria and viruses and decomposes odor-causing ammonia and VOCs
nanozone COAT is a photo-catalysts coating application with nanozone SOLUTION product.
Nanozone Japan has requested inspection agency to testify the effectiveness of nanozone COAT solution. The results will be uploaded accordingly to the evidence page at our website please log in from QR code below to check the latest information.