About nanozone COAT

Self-bonded Titanium Oxide Dispersion, unknown as nanozone SOLUTION, is photo-catalysts coating technology.

The surface with nanozone COAT oxidative property decomposes and removes any types of harmful
organic substances, such as viruses and bacteria, offensive oders, and PM2.5 into water and CO2 by photocatalyst activation (detoxification).

nanozone SOLUTION is an environment-friendly antifouling, deodorizing, and antibacterial coating that facilitates a healthy life style and uses nontoxic ingredients that do not irritate the skin.

nanozone COAT a photocatalyst coating application

Once activated by the energy of light, a surface coated with nanozone oxidative decomposes and destroys viruses and microorganisms such as molds and bacteria; it removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and methane through water and CO2.

Oxidative decomposingby nanozone COAT is effective against

Features of nanozone COAT

Before Coating
・No pretreatment or primer installation required
・No masking required
・Easy to coat within a short time
Coating Surfaces
・Retains texture and colors
・Transparent and doesnot cause any harm to any surface
・Apply to any surfaces such as wood, plastic, fabric, and metal
Mold may form on raw iron surfaces. 
After Coating
・Dries in a few minutes, and immediate effect is observed
・Since no chemical binder is used, rooms or spaces can be used immediately after coating

nanosolCC as a first step to introduce nanozone SOLUTION to the world

Customer Feedback to nanosol CC

I have a terrible allergy. At first, I didn't really trust the effect of the product, but when I actually used it, I was very surprised at the effect. I confidently recommend this product to families with young children.
I didn't believe the effect of nanosol. By spraying on the face or moistening the
inside of the nose with a cotton swab, the symptoms of pollen allergy this year have much improved. Thank you for the wonderful product.
My child has swollen eyes at this time of year.
However, thanks to nanosol, she fee ls comfortable this year without taking any medicine.
After running out of stock and living without nanosol for 3 days, I developed pollen and allergic
symptoms, and had a runny nose, itching and rough skin. I realized that the symptoms were alleviated with nanosol.
I'm not taking any medicine anymore. Thank you!!!
I used to take medicine every year to relieve the symptoms of runny nose, but  this  year   no medicine at all.
nanosol is the best!
I'm using nanosol immediately. I am surprised that the odor in the mask has disappeared. I definitely recommend that parents  also have hay fever.
nanosol is so amazing!
My pet was suffering from rheumatism and taking to the hospital but the medicine did not improve his symptoms at all. I heard that nanosol is ok to spay for pets, so I tried. The next day, my pet's sores were healed completely. It took only one day!! I have to say I purchase a amazing product.
Thanks to nanosol,  my child did not have hay fever and itchy skin this season, and he was able to get a good night's sleep. I also no longer have a runny nose and tears when I have eye extension at beauty solon. Just can't live without nanosol. Customers who purchased nanosol also said that their children  had improved their dog allergy symptoms.

Differences from other disinfectants

Before Spraying


Sterilize with spray drying. No sterilizing effect was observed after 24 hours.


Sterilize when bacteria adheres to the sprayed surface. Even after 24 hours, the photocatalyst action does not decrease, and the sterilization effect is lasts longer.