nanozone COAT - Case 1

The Czech Republic: Operating Rooms/ICU
In the Czech Republic, nanozone COAT has been widely introduced in medical institutions such as hospitals, transpiration facilities such as airports and railroads, educational institutions, and water purification tanks.  From the implementation of nanozone COAT in environments where high hygiene management is required, such as operation rooms or ICUs, the solution was well accepted.

nanozone COAT - Case 2

【The Czech Republic: Ostrava Airport

nanozone COAT - Case 3

nanozone COAT – Case 4

nanozone COAT – Case 5

①With nanozone SOLUTION diluent

②Sprayed directly on the flower
③Coated the inside of the cup


nanozone COAT – Case 6

nanozone COAT - Paradigm 1   Safety for all surfaces 

nanozone COAT - Paradigm 2  Selfcleaning

SDGs‘ Initiatives

We will offer sustainability to society to help our employees and their families and our communities find peaceful spaces by utilizing nanozone COAT and nanosol CC to clean our environment. Our solutions also present a great opportunity for additional employment or job satisfaction to your current employees.

Implement for corporate health management

nanozone COAT and nanosol CC are excellent products for promoting employee health.